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July 6, 2021by Dane

School solar panel installation systems are fast becoming very popular in Colorado. With 300 days of sunshine, it is definitely a great place to take advantage of all the benefits of solar power.

Some of the most common advantages of using solar power for residential, commercial, industrial, and government properties are the following:

  1. Solar saves you money by helping reduce your energy bills.
  2. Solar is a clean and renewable energy source.
  3. Solar can help increase the value of your property.
  4. Solar will effectively reduce your carbon footprint.
  5. Tax credits and other government incentives can be expected when you switch to solar.

The Popularity of School Solar Panel Installation in Denver, CO

There’s a whole lot of sun in Denver. What better way to take advantage of that than by using solar power?

According to the Solar Builder, Denver public schools have signed an energy performance contract that included a total of 14 solar installations. This is in addition to the already installed solar power systems in Denver educational facilities.

Aside from enjoying the benefits mentioned above, it is great to use solar in schools because it’s a brilliant way of educating students about the value of using clean energy. With the continuous climate change issues we’ve all been experiencing in recent years, it is very important to raise awareness of our future generation.

The best way to educate them is by showing them that we are starting to make efforts on our own. We need to lead by example.

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